Conical chuck M33x3,5

Conical chuck M33x3,5

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Its particolar cylindrical shape makes it safe even if you are working very closed to cutting tools or by hands.
Composed of a steel cylinder at one end with M33x3.5 mm threaded connection, and on the other a slightly conical hole to lock the piece.
Suitable for all types of woods whose fibers are in the longitudinal direction.
Easy to use: mount the cone-shaped chuck, then make one end of your timber slightly conical, dampen it slighltly and insert it into the the body of the chuck. With the help of a hammer/mallet, block the woodpiece. After the wood has swollen due to its humidity, the chuck can hold it securely.
Technical data
Ø LT Thread ART Code Variable dimention
32 90 M 33x3,5mm 3850 JMA003332 3
40 90 M 33x3,5mm 3851 JMA003340 4

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