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The powerful RMX-1000 remix station is a real revolution for effectors and samplers. The RMX-1000 is a 'three in one' system that integrates editing software, innovative performance hardware and VST / AU plug-ins. The RMX-1000 remix station boasts all the functionality of studio effects and beatboxes, with the added bonus of the physicality of pro-DJ equipment. Intuitive interfaces, borrowed from Pioneer's flagship mixers and effectors - such as the DJM-2000's Isolator FX, the DJM-900nexus' X-Pad and the EFX-1000's multiple effects chaining - have been enhanced integrated in one unit.
Main features
Fully Customizable Remix Station: The ultimate multipurpose unit, the RMX-1000 can be used with mixers, CDJs and laptops in the booth, or with PCs in the studio, to record and produce. The hardware offers two ways to access the settings. "Default" activates Pioneer's intuitive preset parameters. "User" stores the parameters on the unit, or on an SD card to take with you into the cabin
Scene FX: The Scene FX knob allows DJs to enrich or decompose tracks by combining ten types of effects
Isolator FX: Borrowed from Pioneer's high-end DJM-1000 mixer, the RMX-1000's isolators allow you to change the rhythm and timbre of the main audio input, using the high, mid and low frequency bands
X-Pad with unique Pitch control: Innovation of Pioneer's top-of-the-range mixer, the DJM-900nexus, the touch-sensitive X-Pad bar takes the RMX-1000 to new levels of technological ingenuity
Release FX: The Release FX function allows you to elegantly and seamlessly exit complex combinations of effects, to return to the original track
Technical specifications
Input: RCA x1, Phono (1/4 ") x1
Output: RCA x1, Phono (1/4 ") x1
Other inputs: USB port x1
Sampling frequency: 48kHz
A / D and D / A converter: 24 bits
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
THD: 0.005% max
S / N ratio with Connection set to Send / Return (-10dB): 102dB
S / N ratio with Connection set to Master (+ 4dB): 98dB
Headroom: 20dB
Software: Remixbox, RMX-1000 Plugin
Dimensions: 333 x 157 x H57mm
Weight: 1.3kg

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