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This is the most acclaimed M Series model, and has been praised year by year by the most famous audio engineers and audio pro critics. The new headset ATH-M50x has the same "sound character", but with improved earphones and detachable cables. Thanks to the use of high-speed driver, sound insulation halls and robust construction, this product offers unparalleled listening experience for the most demanding audio professionals.

• Acclaimed sound performance appreciated by sound engineers and audio pro experts.
• 45 mm wide-opening driver with rare earth magnets and aluminum coil
  Covered in copper
• Exceptional clarity of sound on an extensive range of low, accurate and deep bass frequencies
• Circular design for excellent sound insulation in noisy environments
• 90 ° rotatable earplugs for listening with just one pavilion
• The high quality of the material used for earphones and headgear guarantees greater
  Comfort and sturdiness
• Detachable cable (3 cables included)

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