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Elektron Octatrack DPS-1 is an innovative live-sampler specializing in sampling and manipulating real-time audio. All signals sent to Octatrack in practice become elastic: sample and loop speeds can be edited to sync them to the internal sequencer BPM, and their pitch can be adjusted without timing changes. Thanks to the graphical interface and the control panel, the audio sample is immediately available for manipulation, editing and playback using tools called "Machines", with which to perform pitch scale, time stretch, reverse, loop and create complex effects in real time. Samples can be sent to the 8 track of the internal step sequencer, cut, reassembled and processed by effects and LFOs synchronized to the BPM. 8 audio tracks are added to the uterus 8 MIDI tracks for external synth control, with arpeggio, LFO and CC sending, for a total of 16 tracks at the same time. Two FX Blocks can be applied to each audio track, including a multi-mode filter, a parametric equalizer, kill eq in DJ style, phaser, flanger, chorus, delay and reverb for a total of 16 effects that can be used simultaneously. It is also possible to create effects concatenations and a Master Effect channel common to all tracks.

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