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Denon DRA-800H: much more than a stereo receiver

this stereo receiver that promises to be very interesting, as it is also a network player, has HDMI inputs and can control a multiroom system. Even if we simply call it "receiver", it is difficult to classify the latest novelty presented by Denon. The DRA-800H is, to begin with, a stereo receiver with FM radio and DAB +, but it is also a network player with Wi-Fi connection and a multiroom controller for the Heos system speakers. In addition, it has HDMI inputs for TV and Blu-ray player, is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, is compatible with AirPlay 2, supports voice assistants from Amazon, Google and Apple, can drive a second pair of speakers in another environment and finally there is also the entrance for a turntable. In short, there is everything that can be used to form a truly versatile stereo system, ideal for those who want to integrate audio and video sources but without switching to a true multi-channel home theater system. The advantage of the stereo configuration compared to a common A / V receiver is in the care dedicated to amplification: here we are talking about 100 Watts of power per channel (0.08% THD, 8 ohms) obtained with discrete transistors and selected components, so to guarantee performance up to the mark.

The circuit care extends to the digital / analogue conversion section, where the valuable AKM 4458 converter, a 768kHz / 32bit multichannel capable of managing various audio files up to 5.5 MHz DSDs, is used.

Remarkable the panorama of the back panel, where the five HDMI inputs stand out for as many sources, all ready for 4K Ultra HD video signals with HDR10, HLG and HDCP2.3. Communicated to the Agents Audiogamma 16_2019 - 12/07/19 - Denon DRA-800H - Pag.4 di 4 Then we find three digital inputs (2 optical and 1 coaxial), a USB input on the front, two analogue inputs and the input for a record player. HDMI output with ARC support, Pre-Out stereo and multi-room output. On the subject of amplified outputs instead, there are two series of connectors, so as to be able to drive a second pair of speakers in another environment. To finish, you can also connect a headphone via the connector on the front panel. From the Denon app then, you can manage the major music streaming sites and the Heos multiroom. So we can define a device as versatile, able to satisfy those who want to integrate old stereo components with a TV and a Blu-ray player or for those who only want to improve the TV performance without resorting to a real home theater system. - 2x 100W to drive any pair of loudspeakers, or to connect 2 pairs of loudspeakers even in parallel configuration (A + B) - Tone Control, allows you to adjust the bass, treble and channel balance directly via the 3 knobs on the front panel. - Integrated DAB + tuner for listening to digital radio - 5 HDMI inputs to connect both TV and other video sources - Digital, analog inputs and phono input for turntable - integrated HEOS, for access to a wide range of services musicals like Spotify Connect, Deezer, Amazon Music and many others. In addition, the HEOS module offers wireless audio in multiple rooms and voice control via Amazon Alexa (available soon). - AirPlay2 and Bluetooth allow streaming from any portable device. - The aluminum front panel minimizes unwanted vibrations for a more accurate sound, and aesthetically matches the Denon CD players perfectly.