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Integrated amplifier, 80 + 80W RMS on 8ohm, 160 + 160W on 4ohm. Finals of
UHC-MOS power in Single Push Pull configuration. Internal D / A converter
384kHz / 32bit. AL32 Processing Plus. DSD 11.2MHz via USB-B input. 4
digital inputs, 2 optical and 2 coaxial. 6 line inputs, phono input MM / MC a
discrete, Power Amp direct input, excludable tone controls. Front display.
Two transformers with LC (Leakage Canceling) circuit, rectifier stage
super fast and ultra selected components. Internal wiring with cables
OFC. Anti-vibration chassis divided into 6 sections. Volume potentiometer
motorized. Double gold-plated output connectors for bi-wiring. New remote control
slim line in aluminum. Premium Silver finish.

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