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The ATH-AP2000Ti over-ear headphones are equipped with proprietary wide-opening 53mm drivers, a permendur magnetic circuit and diaphragms with a carbon-coated (DLC) coating similar to diamond, which allows them to offer exquisite, full-range audio including the ability to play high resolution audio. The headphones also use Core Mount technology that optimally positions the driver unit inside the housing to improve airflow efficiency. Efficient airflow helps the headphones reproduce highly transparent mid and high frequencies and rich, precise bass.

The rigid, pure titanium housings reduce unwanted resonances and incorporate the Audio-Technica DADS (Double Air Damping System) for deep bass reproduction. Each case is equipped with an A2DC (Coaxial detachable designed audio jack) to accommodate the three removable cables included with the headphones: 1.2m and 3.0m cables with a 3.5mm 3-pole stereo mini-plug and a 1.2 m cable with a balanced 4.4 mm 4-pole mini-plug.

The ATH-AP2000Ti headphones have soft and durable leather pads for superior comfort and fold up for easy transport inside the included case. Each pair of these exclusive headphones is individually identified by a laser-etched serial number.

The wide-opening 53 mm drivers with a permendur magnetic circuit are capable of reproducing high-resolution audio
Core Mount technology places the driver unit in the optimal position for improved airflow and excellent all-round audio reproduction
Double-Air Damping System (DADS) by Audio-Technica for deep and natural bass reproduction
The DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating on the diaphragms helps provide exceptional full-range audio
Rigid housings made of pure titanium reduce unwanted resonances
Three removable cables with A2DC (Coaxial detachable designed audio) connectors to the headphones: 1.2m and 3.0m cables with 3.5mm 3-pole stereo mini-plug; 1.2 m cable with balanced 4-pole mini-plug of 4.4 mm
Carrying case included for easy transport
Pavilions in soft and resistant leather for superior comfort
Includes 6.3 mm stereo adapter and cleaning cloth
Each pair of headphones is individually identified by a laser-etched serial number

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