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Reloop's Hybrid RMP-4 Hybrid Player is the latest addition to the RMP success series and an ideal combination of CD player, USB reader and performance software controller. In addition to multi-platform support, it also has many new modes and extraordinary features. The RMP-4 features four powerful performance modes - Hot Cue, Hot Loop, Loop Roll and Sampler - to customize the mix. Each mode contains 8 trigger pads for dynamic access in the relevant mode. In Hot Cue and Hot Loop mode you can store, activate and delete your hot cue / loops. In Loop Roll mode you can trigger up to 8 different loop roll lengths, ranging from 1/32 to 4/1 beat. These three modes can be further improved thanks to the integrated SLMP mode of the RMP-4 for individual remixes on the fly. The Sampler mode completes the set and gives access to up to 8 "one shot" and loop loops. By connecting two RMP-4s via USB (Smart Link), and by activating the Sync Mode function, you can automatically synchronize the beat of the song you are mixing with that of the track that is already playing, thus obtaining the same BPM Both readers. The Smart Link connection offers two RMP-4 access to the same library of songs on a single USB drive, or to be used simultaneously as a MIDI control surface with the most common mixing software. The audio engine in RMP-4 plays the songs with superior sound quality and high dynamics. Also using the Keylock function, which keeps the shade tone at the speed variation, the played sound remains accurate and free from distortion. As soon as a track is selected, the large and bright DotMatrix VFD display immediately shows the main track information. The practical push-button encoder on the side of the display allows you to navigate intuitively within the music library. The RMP-4 is equipped with an extra large twin Jog Wheel with two touch sensitive sensors to scratch, and a high resolution 100mm pitch fader for extremely precise mixing. Robust construction and high quality elements make RMP-4 ideal for use in clubs.

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