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16-voice wavetable synthesizer (expandable by connecting a second Hydrasynth), with extremely advanced synthesis engine, equipped with 3 oscillators with numerous mutators (FM-Linear, Wavestack, Hard Sync, Pulse Width, PW-Squeeze, PW-ASM, Harmonic Sweep ), 2 filters that can be used in series or in parallel, 4 envelope modifiers (HAHDSR), 5 LFOs, an advanced modulation matrix, as well as effects and arpeggiator, 5 memory banks with 128 patches each, 5 OLED displays, 73 keyboard standard keys with velocity and polyphonic aftertouch, 4 octave ribbon controller, pitch bend and modulation wheels, 4 6.3mm audio outputs, 2 headphone outputs with volume adjustment, MIDI In / Out / Thru, USB port for use as a USB interface / MIDI, CV / GATE inputs and outputs compatible with standard Eurorack and Japanese Volts> Hz, inputs for expression pedal assignable sustain pedal, dimensions 1129 x 346 x 92 mm, weight 13.3 kg, external power supply included. N.B. To use the USB / MIDI port, check the currently supported Mac and PC operating systems on the manufacturer's website.

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4 - 4 of 6 results