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The Group Policy object is a beautiful Winchester radio playing a classic washer device, similar to the ones they had in our grandparents' house. GPO is a British company that produces the smallest detail but with modern technology. This radio, just like the classic models of the past, through transistor technology, the application of this device made it possible from 1950 to the present day has reached the mass market with small portable radios transmitted. The case is made of veneered panels and the internal speaker is protected with a mesh fabric with two shades of brown. The radio station display is backlit and on the sides of it are two handy controls in ivory color, the volume control on the left and right analog tuning stations. The choice of the station over the classic needle in this case is made of transparent plastic, under the display are the switches to decide the FM or AM reception and the key to enlightenment. The look of the Winchester radio is really classy, ​​walnut wood is highlighted by gilded bands placed above and below the controls. The same edges are shot in the middle between the display and the grill on the amp; all the controls also have bait in gold as well as the GPO logo on the top.

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