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Designed to deliver outstanding sound quality to satisfy the most demanding listeners, the ATH-AD900x is ideal for music lovers who prefer the spacious quality of open-backed headphones that combine immersive sound with long-lasting comfort.

The ATH-AD900x is equipped with large 53 mm drivers designed exclusively for headphones, with rare earth magnets and Audio-Technica's Voice-coil wire technology (CCAW) for superior audio reproduction with a extremely wide frequency from 5 Hz to 35,000 Hz response. ATH-AD900x offers an immersive listening experience with clear and natural vocal and instrumental reproduction, regular tonal balance, precise imaging and superlative dynamic range.

The headphones offer a unique and comfortable fit thanks to generously cushioned ear cushions, the lightweight aluminum honeycomb housing and the exclusive 3D wing support housing, which fits perfectly to every person.

CCAW vocal coils for delicate and expressive power
New wide-open drivers (53 mm) with exceptional sound reproduction
Unique design of air distribution and sound propagation throughout the headphone structure
Open case for a very airy listening experience
Very detailed sound reproduction throughout the spectrum
The inclined drivers offer a wide and realistic spatialization
3D wing structure that automatically adapts to the shape of the head, ensuring perfect fit
Memory foam pads covered in soft velvet
One-sided OFC cable covered with elastic TPE sheath
Gold plated 3.5mm stereo mini jack connector and 6.3mm adapter
"Adjustable wings and drivers"
The flaps of the ATH-AD900X can be adjusted and adjusted in 4 ways, which guarantees a comfortable fit, without pressure points, in the shape of the user's head in headphones. The angled drivers follow the shape of the face and are positioned comfortably parallel to the ears.

"Exclusive dad system"
ATH-AD900X presents the dual air damping system, which is also present in the entire range of Audio-Technica Art Monitor headphones, to improve bass reproduction.

"3D wing arch structure"
The structure of the 3D Wing headband is composed of small removable wings that are found throughout the range of our HiFi headphones. No adjustment is required, the earpiece adapts to any shaped head as soon as it is placed over the head and removes the feeling of pressure experienced with "classic" headphones.

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