"Heart of woman"

"Heart of woman"

"Heart of woman"
"Heart of woman"



I'm very happy to share this news with you all .

"Heart of woman" - that takes care of all women impacted by cancer, with a special attention to breast cancer - has been active for many years and has referents and groups all over the country (Lombardia, Liguria, Lazio, Piemonte and Puglia).

It has among its main purposes to provide assistance and care to all women struggling with cancer, giving support, organizing meetings and sensibilizing about our best alley we have to beat cancer: prevention. 

Arm Candy Italy is proud to be at disposal of "Heart of woman" : I'll keep you posted on all efforts and actions and meetings, where you will find the "pink ladies".

They will brief you to give all the necessary information.

Through our bracelets, we'll raise money to help and support all the activities "Heart of woman" will carry out.

You find here all references: