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management of rentals

The rental management program allows you to manage the rental of any type of property: buildings for residential, commercial, craft, land use.

Construction accounting

The site accounting program has a dual function:

bill of quantities to draw up estimates on work to be carried out;

work accounting in progress to update costs

incurred in

work progress status.

warehouse management

The warehouse management program allows companies to check the inventory at any time and to manage loading and unloading movements.

millesimal quotas

millesimal quotas

The program for calculating the monthly installments allows the construction companies to calculate the thousandth tables needed to share the condominium fees.

ordinary accounting

The ordinary accounting program allows companies to manage double-entry bookkeeping, the keeping of accounting records, VAT, customers and suppliers.

derivative products

The derivative products program makes it possible to calculate the value of a covered warrant based on the underlying, the strike, the parity ratio and the time between the calculation reference date and the expiration date.