51beats “an electronic experience” is an independent electronic music label having the mission to promote high quality, non-commercial, innovative, and emotional sounds without distinctions among genres. The label supports all the different flavours of electronic music, ranging from ambient to techno passing through electrofunk, electroacustic, minimal and idm. Born as a netlabel in 2008, 51beats published since then tens of high quality electronic music net-releases, all available for the free download with Creative Commons (CC) licences. The label has been internationally recognized with a range of nominations at the QWARTZ 'Electronic and New Music Awards' Editions 6 (discovery category), 7 (dancelfoor and compilation categories), 8 (dancefloor category), and 9 (track category), where 51beats and its artists competed with labels like Raster Noton, Shitkatapult, Anti-Zen, Kompakt, Minus,….. and with worldwide-recognized artists such as Boys Noize, Tim Raumschmiere, Hobo, Erol Alkan, ... In 2010, 51beats starts publishing limited editions CDs and, in 2013, the first 12” dancefloor-oriented vinyl. To discover and promote new and talented artists which are far from standard commercial channels is a 51beats major objective, and our 'electronic experience' currently comprehends events organization and booking support/management for some of the label artists