Right of withdrawal




The Customer, defined "consumer" in pursuit to article 3, lett. a), Consumer Code, Leg. Decree No. 205/2006 (that is, whoever is acting for purposes that can be considered unrelated to the latter’s business) may cancel the drawn up contract through the Site without any penalty and without specifying the reason within 10 working days. The aforementioned right to cancel can be exercised by sending a written notice to the Supplier’s headquarters by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the period referred to above. The notice may be sent, within the same term, even by telegram, electronic mail or fax, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the next forty-eight hours. The registered letter is intended to be mailed in time if delivered to the acceptor Post Office within such period. Instead of the abovementioned notice, cancellation can also be exercised by returning, within the same aforementioned period, the purchased Products. The 10-day period referred to above shall begin on the date of receipt of the Products by the Consumer. Following cancellation as exercised above, the Consumer undertakes to return the Products to the Supplier at the former’s expense by shipping them to the Supplier’s site within 5 working days from sending the notice of cancellation. The Products must be returned substantially intact. Within thirty days of receipt of the cancellation notice, the Supplier will refund to the Consumer the amount already paid.