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www.capieborseinpelle.it (hereinafter "site")

Date of last publication: 30/04/2020





Terms and conditions (hereinafter "conditions") is the contract that governs the rights and obligations of the user (hereinafter "customer"). This document governs the contractual conditions between the customer and the seller, governs the legal and commercial aspect of the site, committing the customer to accept what is published without any reservation.

The conditions regulate the methods of sale and supply of goods, of delivery, payment, refund, withdrawal, registration or registration on the site, subscription to the newsletter, the methods of managing your personal account and vice versa, unsubscribe from the site, to use the services of the site, aimed at carrying out e-commerce activities and all the functions that belong therein.

The purpose of the site is the sale of physical goods available or bookable through the online shop and at the same time make the customer a guest or buyer and therefore participate in everything offered to make their stay on the site pleasant and full satisfaction. for the eventual purchase or interest through the online shop.  

The continuation of the navigation activity on the site and the use of the services offered is bound to the reading and acceptance of the conditions, without any reservation. Therefore the conditions are tacitly accepted and shared by the customer.

The conditions are integrated with the following web pages: 



The conditions have legal validity with immediate effect from the day of publication included.

Updates and corrections:

The conditions can be modified, rectified, updated, integrated and deleted without notice. These actions are called updates and the date of publication is valid. The updates can be extended to all the supplementary web pages to the conditions. 




Contractual parties


  Seller and owner of the site



based in Via Misericordia n. 97,

zip code: 83029 -  Solofra (Av), Italy

VAT: IT 019 831 606 47  

TEL. +39 / 330 44 62 82

e-mail: info@capieborseinpelle.it


Customer, User and  Consumer 

Natural person acting for purposes not related to professional activity.

It does not fall within the categories of companies and resellers who in any way purchase for resale to third parties. 


Customer, User and non-Consumer

It belongs to the category of company, business, trader, self-employed, freelance,

or an adult natural person or legal person who concludes purchases on the site

for the needs of his entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal and professional activity.  


The following terms in the singular and plural will have the meaning indicated below: 

  • Sales contract 

The contract that legally regulates the relationship between the seller and the interested party and the sale of the products offered through the virtual shop of the site.

  • Interested party 

 is the one who limits himself to navigation, to the vision of the contents displayed therein and to the use of the communication services that are available on the site.

  • Interested party

 both consumer and non-consumer, is the one who, in addition to browsing, viewing the contents and using the means of communication, prepares himself as a buyer of the products for sale and agrees to use the electronic payment methods available through credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, wire transfers, money transfers or electronic systems equivalent to the transfer of payments to the seller.

  • Website

It means the site available and reachable at the page: http: // www.capieborseinpelle.it.

  • Legal Area

In addition to what is published in this office, the legal area includes the web sections published within the site area, the content of which is an integral part of the Conditions and are attached in this document.

  • E-Commerce

It refers to the virtual electronic store available and reachable on the web page http://www.capieborseinpelle.it prepared for the purchase of physical products. 

  • Contractual party

Seller: Christian D'Urso Leather Agent  

Customer / User: Consumer and Non-consumer     

  • Products and goods

They refer to a variety of articles, which are sold and published online within the e-commerce area of ​​the site. They are shared and published on the site through images, features, prices and descriptions for each item. Each of the items on sale differs with a unique code. The items with the unique code can be composed of a quantity of a single product, (for example a bag or a jacket) or a single quantity of several products of the same case (for example a composition of more leathers different colors and characteristics).



  • Orders and sales process

At the following link  > orders  ,   the details of the order process are noted, to which the products for sale with immediate availability and reservation availability and some services that the interested party can benefit from for his purchases refer. 

Orders can be canceled within one hour of electronic submission by sending an email to: info@capieborseinpelle.it 

  • Acceptance

If the interested party does not intend to accept the Conditions and / or any other content within the Legal area, they will not be able to use the site, its services, register with their personal data and purchase products. and goods. The interested party assumes the duty to read the Conditions published therein in this publication, to interact with the information contained therein within the legal area; to save or print a reminder of the Terms; to keep the information containing the agreements commonly called "pre-contractual", ie the information necessary before the conclusion of the final sales contract between the vendor and the interested party and to what the latter deems necessary for its own interest; pre-contractual information that will follow to be conclusive after sending the order and the due confirmation of the seller that you accept the stipulations by e-mail. It is understood that the use of the site follows the full reading and acceptance without reserve of the Conditions by the interested party. 

  • Distance selling

Basically it is a sales contract between the seller and the interested party and it is based on the sales system of the products published online on the site, using technological and IT tools. It is regulated according to the current laws that supervise and regulate the sales of remote electronic commerce.

  • Expiration of the Distance Contract

It is understood that the contract between the seller and the interested party is concluded within  thirty (30) days following the order sent, except in cases of orders that require more time, in relation to the bookable products, of which they are highlighted in the description of the products themselves, the which require longer production and shipping times, except for the latter, the sales contract is concluded no later than forty-five (45) days. 






  • Pre-contractual obligations

Before the conclusion of the sales contract, the interested party is necessarily informed on the identity of the seller, on the essential characteristics of the goods, the duration of validity of the offer and the relative price, including any taxes or duties, on expenses and on delivery methods, together with shipping costs and payment methods;  the pre-contractual information is highlighted for each physical asset on the site and  further integrated and available within the web sections,  at the following   > delivery and payments  . 

  • serves of the seller

a)  The seller reserves the right to cancel the order as it is not considered adequate to the sales process for the following reasons:  1)  data incomplete upon registration by the interested party, or deemed untrue;  2)  due to force majeure, or the impossibility of shipping for reasons not attributable to the seller or due to natural or emergency disasters; ) in the case of out of stock to the product of interest, which for technical reasons the wording "not available" has not been shown next to the description of the product itself. In each case, if the payment of the goods to the seller has been anticipated, the refund will be made to whoever is owed, after due verification of the collection received. Alternatively, in the second and third cases, the Seller will inform the interested party of the new terms of delivery or supply, asking if he intends to confirm the order or not. 

b)  It is understood that the seller reserves the right to cancel the order for reasons of non-collection and are canceled without notice no later than thirty (30) days from the date of dispatch of the order, subject to the demonstration of the interested party of send a copy of payment by e-mail to: info@capieborseinpelle.it, through which further checks will follow. It is always advisable to send a copy of the payment by e-mail, for technical reasons of administration and order processing. With the exception of deliveries, for which the payment method has been prepared on delivery, orders follow the normal sales and shipping process.  

  • Responsibility of the seller

 Christian D'urso Leather Agent:

a) is not responsible for unsuccessful deliveries, due to force majeure on the part of the courier and / or in any case also due to the unavailability of the interested party during delivery. b)  It is not responsible for the days of storage at the destination of the shipment at the courier's depots, due to an incorrect address or inaccurate telephone contacts of the interested party, which have been inadvertently reported in the order incorrectly and / or in any case noted by the itself, without raising changes by the interested party before shipping and even after shipping.  c) It is not responsible for the days of delay in delivery of the goods to the interested party due to force majeure of the courier, which for reasons unknown to the seller, they do not respect the standard line of delivery dates.In this case the courier is responsible for the goods until the package arrives in the hands of the recipient. d)  It is not responsible for courier delivery delays due to natural disasters, which in turn could lead to delays not considered pleasant to the recipient. In each of the aforementioned cases, the seller will send a note via e-mail to the customer / user for resolution of the problem if it happens.

In the event of any emergency, the site platform will indicate the new delivery dates or will indicate in advance that there will be delays. In this case, the interested party has two possibilities: choose to wait or agree on a second delivery date, provided that the courier must comply with an "expected delivery date" due to the emergency itself. 



  • Rights of the interested party

The final consumer who acts for purposes not related to professional activity, has the possibility to withdraw from the distance contract, dissolving any bond with the seller by exercising the "right of withdrawal"   within and no later than fourteen (14) days of receipt. of the goods. On the dedicated page > Right of withdrawal , the conditions governing the return of goods or commonly called returns are detailed The right of withdrawal is an irrevocable clause that completes and accompanies the distance contract between the seller and the consumer

  •  Non-consumer rights or legal categories

Commercial activities that fall within the Italian territory and within the European Community that are in possession of a VAT number, or commercial companies that fall within the Intercontinental areas and therefore outside the European Community, which purchase exclusively for their professionalism and resale to third parties,  have the possibility to send complaints to the seller within and no later than fourteen  (14) days   from receipt of the goods, by sending an email to the seller. Any complaint does not dissolve the sales contract between the seller and the Non-Consumer. Instead, the exposed complaint will be evaluated and any resolution will be evaluated for the specific case. For any dispute, the sole competent court is

7. Awareness of the interested party:

 is aware   that his order must be confirmed and accepted by the seller by e-mail, via the following address: info@capieborseinpelle.it and that the Seller will have at its sole discretion the right to accept or not the customer's order / user without raising any complaints about it. 

is aware that partial acceptance of the Terms and Conditions does not execute the contract. 

 and 'aware of being able to access the customer support

  • n. by tel. from abroad +39 / 330 44 62 82 and from Italy at 330 44 62 82.
  • or to send your requests for any need to the   e-mail address: info@capieborseinpelle.it

 is aware that it will be at its discretion and care  to read and print a copy of the acceptance confirmation, sent by the seller ", by e-mail, at the same time as the date of the order, containing all the necessary information relating to the ordered goods and as agreed. 

is aware that the seller can incentivize sales, with rewards and loyalty points (in the form of discounts), with which regular customers registered on the site can benefit.

For new members of the site  special promotions will be included in order to be able to give them attractive and more interesting offers.

For new subscribers to the site can be offered discount percentages on purchases such as Welcome to the site.  

is aware   that subscribing to the Newsletter authorizes the receipt of marketing e-mails from the seller, with which it is possible to be aware of upcoming or expiring promotional events to those already existing on the site. Registration for the Newsletter is independent of registration on the site. To register for the newsletter, the user must enter his / her personal email address and his / her name.

is aware that the refusal to read and the refusal to duly accept the Privacy Policy and the use of cookies, under penalty of not registering for the site newsletter and not registering on the site itself; under penalty of using the services, applications and all those that are actions aimed at the purchase and transmission of orders and consequently under penalty of the right to interact with the navigation within the site.

is aware  that the violation of the Conditions and the fraudulent use of the site entails the immediate suspension and closure of the registration account at any time and in any circumstances without prior notice.

is aware: 'that the seller is not responsible in any way as unrelated to the contents contained therein, belonging to links and web pages external to the site, including electronic payment systems; and in any case the seller cannot be held liable for any amount considered a penalty or similar, if not that and exclusively declared by the final consumer on : Right of Withdrawal , which provides for a binding condition of the sales contract and instructions for l use itself. 

8. Privacy Policy and the use of Cookies 

  • In essence, the Privacy Policy contains the rules, disciplines and in-depth analyzes that regulate and bind the site to respectful and dutiful  personal privacy  .of each visitor, user or customer that he is, addressed to the various purposes of personal interest, such as that of browsing, visiting and viewing the information contained therein. Acceptance is therefore aimed at using the communication services and applications available on the site; aimed at exploring the products on sale, acquiring information in this regard, purchasing the products themselves, sharing information on their social networks, after registering with the latter by the user; therefore aimed at carrying out different actions or buying and selling, guaranteed by the seller, in the most absolute safety and respect for personal data classified as sensitive data and to which the Privacy Policy refers. The rules in this regard are then forwarded to the customer / user> Privacy Policy.    At the same time, the information> on the use of cookies , contained in the Privacy Policy .. 



The seller expresses its willingness to resolve disputes should it occur, to find a benevolent agreement between the customer and the seller without having to resort to alternative disciplinary resolutions. In the event that no benevolent agreement should follow, please refer to the European legislation, following the link below. 

The link includes the information on the use of disciplinary and resolutive behaviors to disputes, which for whatever reason it may be, interact and find a compromise between the Seller and the Customer.



  • Any dispute relating to the application, execution and interpretation of the "Terms and Conditions" will be within the jurisdiction of the court of the place of execution in which the owner of the site is based, or the Italian office and refers to Consumers and / or legal categories. outside the Italian territory; or the Court of the place where the final consumer is domiciled or resides exclusively in Italy, at the latter's headquarters.
  • "Terms and Conditions", the law and language of the sales contract is Italian.
  • "Terms and" Conditions refers exclusively to the site accessible and available on the web page: http://www.capieborseinpelle.it. For any discipline not reported or partially referred to in the Terms and Conditions, please refer to the rules relating to the current legislation that formalizes and regulates, in turn, remote electronic commerce.