PORT-A-WRAP medium

PORT-A-WRAP medium

Product no.: BUCK-PO601

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Rope friction MEDIUM size: 7.25"L x 9"H x 1.9"OD

Buck PORT-A-WRAPS are compact rope friction devices designed for lowering heavy objects from height in a controlled and predictable manner. The Buck Port-A-Wrap has been widely popular among the modern-day arborist, old school arborist would lower heavy wood by wrapping the lines around nearby trees causing damage to trees and often causing accidents. With the Buck Port-A-Wrap lowering heavy wood can be controlled and done at a much faster pace while also lowering the potential for an accident. The user-friendly design also makes attaching rigging line a breeze!

Technical features:

WLL 9 kN - MBS 54 kN - rope MAX 5/8"

Weight 4 lbs


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