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Arrivals by Zak Seridarian

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Retired Chief Inspector Hammond arrives in Parma, an idyllic Italian town, prepared to reinvent himself, to find love and kick start a new life. But he is immediately faced with a very different scenario.
Thrust into a case with his old friend Sergio and a naive assistant district attorney, Hammond battles an underground criminal organisation intent on hounding the investigators into submission. Within days there are gruesome murders, victimization – but no clues as to who is behind this. 
Unfamiliar with a foreign policing system Hammond leans on the only people willing to support him, but even officialdom is not beyond the taint of corruption. Fighting a losing battle with time running out and a killer on the loose, the DA wants to replace his team. Hammond himself becomes a target, uncovering a vast network of blackmail and murder, and the killer is about to disappear.
Ebook: 190 pages
Format: PDF, ePub
Published in 2011
ISBN 978-0-9568792-4-0
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6 - 6 of 9 results