Dj Woody - Ear Wax 7" Orange Vinyl

Dj Woody - Ear Wax 7" Orange Vinyl

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‘Ear Wax’ is the first in a new 7” scratch record series by DJ Woody entitled ’Skratch Freaks’. 
The series is illustrated by Mark ‘Fos’ Foster, founder of Heroin Skateboards and art director for Altamont, Baker and Deathwish. Fos has helped shape the aesthetic of modern skateboarding with his iconic handstyle, designing boards for the likes of Toy Machine, Santa Cruz, Element, Emerica, Zero and more.

Ear Wax is the perfect go-to record for portablist scratch jams or your 7” DJ crate. Jam packed with original and funky samples it contains 16 skip-proof scratch phrases plus 2 longer sentences. Side A is programmed at 100 bpm and side B at 83.33 bpm.

Ear Wax is pressed on translucent orange vinyl with full color picture sleeve.

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