Samurai Breaks 12"

Samurai Breaks 12"


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First release of Kamikaze Breaks gained popularity Japanese turntable Tabu list heavyweight, DJ $HIN produced Japanese battle breaks second release Samurai Breaks released! Like the previous work, this work also has contents that can be used for battle, Mix CD, club play etc etc with the theme of Japanese style. Of course, the Japanese story power up more than the previous work. It is a nice Japanese-style thing to worry about, but somewhere I've heard somewhere I can find useful phrases. Furthermore, the neta / groove is segmentalized so that it is easy to use in the field of the battle, it is divided from the beginning of the battle, the middle stage, the last stage, so it is easy to select the neta, something can be used ad lib well. Also, since all the standard scratch nets Ahhhh, Fresh, Reggae DJ's voices, drums and other grooves are skip-proof specifications (sound does not change even when needle jumps), there will not be worrying on the scene . In addition, a lot of neta including phrase sample etc. of famous old school HIP - HOP are recorded and if there is this one it is invincible. Recorded electro beat 808 Bounce turns from low beat, half-baked track which turns into driving of Drum n Bass on the way! Since plus and old school beat are also recorded, it will be no mistake to play with juggling from practice of scratch, MIX while playing DJ in club etc. Did you notice that the showy jacket design was handled by ENGIN # 9 from NYC Breakers as before. It is necessary to check Samurai Breaks beyond previous work Kamikaze Breaks!

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