JDD - SPIN Tone PCB Tonearm Black


JDD - SPIN Tone PCB Tonearm Black

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Jesse Dean SPIN Tone Arm - PCB


The Reloop SPiN Tone Arm by Jesse Dean Designs.

Straight outta SoCal.

Easy installation for your Reloop SPiN. 

Engineered to work with;

- Ortofon OM style
- Reloop OM-GT
- Shure M44-7

Super stable design and accepts all magnetic cartridges!

- Constructed from FR4 fibre board
- Adjustable brass counter weight
- Front LED target light
- Phono analogue pre-amp included
- Magnetic clip for housing
- Easy wire installation kit, including cartridge mounting screws

Match it with a JDDX2R-SP SPiN contactless fader!?

Please note: The JDD-SPCB does not include a cartridge and stylus.

Why not get the tone arm with a Ortofon OM Scratch Cartridge & Stylus?

Updated breakout board instructions can be found here.






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