Vestax HS-1 Headshell Argento

Vestax HS-1 Headshell Argento

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*** Prodotto originale Vestax nuovo ***


Shell portatestina Argento. Attacco universale EIA.




Headshell or Vestax carrycases are made of high quality aluminum alloy and have a traditional V-shaped logo. Ergonomic design with long fingers ensures convenient handling of the headset that you attach to the headshell. Headshelles are fitted with four flexible hybrid wires of pure silver and copper. This wire composition ensures the transmission of very bright high-pitched audio signals and contributes to brilliant sound. The ends of the wires are equipped with terminals to connect the pickup; terminals are made of gold plated rohdia. Vestax Headshells are suitable for all ½ "mounts and Vestax PDX series turntables, made in several color variations, from classic black and silver through color spectrum to the special fluorescent Vestax HS-2 GID surface, which allows the user to be comfortably orientated even in the worse light conditions when producing gramophones. Headshell is perfectly visible due to its fluorescent surface and in the darkness.



  • a high-quality headhella body from a lightweight aluminum alloy
  • long bracket for convenient handling with a mounted handle
  • four flexible hybrid wires made of pure silver / acoustic copper
  • wires fitted with gold-plated connecting terminals
  • the wires are color-coded for easy porting
  • standard, manufacturers internationally rated ½ "fittings
  • four gold-plated touch bayonets
  • color finish with "V" logo
  • limited edition, custom production



Execution coated aluminum
Specifications silver mat
Mounting bayonet ½ "
Wire material hybrid, Ag / high-pure Cu
Terminals rohdium, gold plated 16k Au
Mounting span 31 - 42 mm (measured to headhead shaft)
Dimensions 55 x 20/2 mm (Body Thickness), 21 mm (Finger Caliper)
Weight 0.8 g
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