Vestax DSL-1 Target Light

Vestax DSL-1 Target Light

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*** Prodotto originale Vestax NUOVO ***

Luce di servizio per giradischi PDX (2000, 2300 e 3000 tutte le versioni)




The Vestax model series PDX is designed with a special LED lamp with a connector base, based on RCA audio connectors. They serve for high-quality illumination of the gramophone workspace, especially the place where the gramophone plate meets the pickup point. The body of the lamp is made of hardened ABS plastic. It is fitted with one LED element. Bright white LED light with optimal chromaticity gives the user the perfect illuminating surface of a gramophone plate on a Vestax turntable where the punch tip touches the gramophone plate to provide a perfect overview and orientation (what happens on the turntable). Thanks to LED technology, the lamp has a longer life than traditional conventional lamps. The connector socket, coming from RCA audio connectors, is easy to remove. It is versatile for all Vestax model series PDX-2000 / PDX-3000. Retail version.


infoideaOnly use original Vestax LED lamps. Otherwise, the gramophone circuit may be damaged.



  • LED lamp with socket in the form of a standard RCA connector

  • universal use for all PDX 2000/3000 turntables

  • an optimal chromaticity temperature of 5,600 ° K

  • DC supply voltage 12 V / 20 mA

  • easy assembly and disassembly

  • retail version




Socket RCA connector
Body ABS plastic black
Optical member 1x LED 2W
Chromaticity 5.600 ° K
Power voltage 12 V
Supply current 20 mA = (dc)
Dimensions ø 8 x 41 mm
Weight 15 g
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