Kodh - Take Away 7" Red Vinyl

Kodh - Take Away 7" Red Vinyl

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Feel the need to refresh yourself and raise your level of creativity?

It's time to taste the delicious "Take away" cooked by Kodh, Dmc & ITF world champion - producer of many cool scratch records over the years (Qross point, Vertigo, Audiomicid Ominous metamorphosis, etc…) 
You can re-invent your cuts and style.

Your eyes will be delighted by the cool design made by the talented graffiti artists Shone Mizuno & Ekke Chow



1-Yo - Hun - Yeah 
2-[Bip] - Ah - [Stab] 
3-This - scratch - is - so - terrific 
4-The scratch is outrageous - [Uah] 
5-It's gon-a blow up - [Prr] 
6-Hey - Fuck that - blood slut 

1-Ah - Fresh - Freesh 
2-It's - fresh 
3-Oh - break it down - yes 
4-That's what I'm -No- yeah 
5-Mad ill scratches - [Blow] 
6-Cut like a guillotine - [Uah] 
7-Guitar wow wow

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