Innofader Mini Pro per SC1000 e Upgrade


Innofader Mini Pro per SC1000 e Upgrade

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Mini innoFADER Pro for SC-1000 and Upgrade


This mini Innofader Pro comes with an adapter cable needed for mounting to an SC-1000. It is pre-programmed with a linear output so it will also work as an upgrade to mixers and controllers which come with a built-in mini Innofader.

- Quick and easy installation

- 0.8msec response time / 0.8msec max latency

- 0.1mm cut-in/cut-out overlap

- Adjustable Cut-in 0.0 to 3.2mm

- <30 grams friction resistance

- 0-150 ohm output

- Non-contact variable capacitor technology

- 100% dust, smoke, temperature and moisture resistant

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