Bihari Start/Stop Button Plate PT01 Scratch

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Bihari Start/Stop Button Plate PT01 Scratch

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Start Stop Button plate for PT01 Scratch


This plate replacing the PT01 Scratch Switch plate. Good for those who use extrenal faders or mixers like Raiden Fader, Mixfader, JDDX2R or Akai AMX. 
Fits perfect in the scratch switch place. You don't need to drill a hole for the start stop button! 
- Anodized durable Red and Black plates 
- Only for PT01 Scratch 
- Extra long wire for the start stop relay

How to install: 
1. Remove two screws from scratch switch 
2. Unconnect the swith cable plug. 
3. Place the Button plate with the two screws. 
4. Insert the button, The button's two mouning clips need to be alignes with the two screws.

Then,.. install the Bihari Start Stop Button relay

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3 - 3 of 6 results