Naish Octopus One Pump Valves

New Naish Octopus One Pump Valves

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Price incl. VAT, plus delivery introduces the Select Brand series of Replacement valves. These NAISH valves are the Original Factory Valves that comprise the Male/Female set of the Naish INTERNAL one-pump (Octopus) system or the Best INTERNAL E-Z Pump system, but made into a Replacement valve by This set gives you the replacements for the Leading Edge AND strut sides of the system for one Strut-LE connection area of the kite. And because it's, that means it's made with TearAid, the #1 Bladder patch material. And these can make you feel good to have it because it will work on ANY bladder whether Poly-urethane or plastic, Clear or Orange. Now you can rest assured you have the Original factory part to work perfectly with your Naish Kite's INTERNAL Octopus One-pump system or Best INTERNAL E-Z Pump system when you install the Naish Premium replacement valve.


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