Cabrinha Airlock 1 Screw CAP ONLY


Cabrinha Airlock 1 Screw CAP ONLY

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Cabrinha Airlock 1 Screw Cap 

The Airlock high volume one way valve is a Cabrinha exclusive. While inflating, the one way valve does not allow air to escape, even when the pump nozzle is pulled out. The extra large opening allows for even the largest kites to be pumped up in minutes. By unscrewing the deflation cap the kite will deflate and be ready to be rolled up in seconds. The Airlock valve is secured to the leading edge with an “O” ring so the bladder is not able to spin inside of its casing. The threaded valve cap makes it virtually impossible for the accidental opening of the valve during an impact on land or water.  For use with 2013 and prior Cabrinha valves and is also compatible with 2008 Best EZ pump.


• Make sure that the release valve is seated firmly by turning clockwise. Do not over tighten the valve when the kite is not inflated. Doing so may damage the bladder.
• Open the inflation cap by screwing it counter clockwise. Insert the pump (use the adapter tubing if using a hand pump) and inflate the leading edge (L.E.).
• When the L.E. is fully inflated, remove pump nozzle and screw the inflation cap back on. Check that the release valve is secure.
• Do not under-inflate Leading Edge.

Proper inflation will make it difficult but not impossible to bend the ends of the kite in. If it is very easy to do this, the leading edge is under-inflated. Kite should be firm enough that if you turn it onto its back, wing tips should extend into the air and kite should retain its bowed shape.


• In order to deflate L.E., you must unscrew the release valve and not the inflation cap. The release valve is the lower portion of the AIRLOCK.
• After deflating, clear valve of any sand or debris, then seal the valve before stowing kite to prevent debris from getting inside internal bladder.

NOTE: when closing valve on deflated kite, hold bladder in place to prevent twisting bladder. Do not over tighten valve when kite is deflated. You may tighten it further when kite is partially inflated again

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