MEGA Crazyfly 90° One-Pump Valve

New MEGA Crazyfly 90° One-Pump Valve

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Price incl. VAT, plus delivery Self-Stick-Valves will stick on all bladders. Simply peel and stick to make a fast and easy repair, or stick it on any new bladder. Specially formulated adhesive is incredibly durable and will stick on any bladder material or color. introduces the Select Brand series of replacement valves. CrazyFly One Pump Kiteboarding Valve replaces valves on all CrazyFly kite models 2015 and newer. Also a compatible replacement for North Lazy pump Gen. 2, Ozone, Slingshot, and Flexifoil.

The MEGA valve option actually refers to the PATCH SIZE as being Mega. It’s a 4” diameter as opposed to the standard valve which has a 3” diameter. This extra inch means 77% more adhesive base surface area than the standard valve, though, being a circle, so it’s a big difference. The Main purpose for a MEGA-patch valve is for when the valve must but cut from the bladder leaving a larger hole than if the old valve just peeled off. It’s also useful if there are tears or warping in the bladder material next to the hole where the valve should be placed. 



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