Cabrinha Airlock 2 Screw-CAP ONLY

New Cabrinha Airlock 2 Screw-CAP ONLY

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The Cabrinha Airlock 2 Screw CAP ONLY  is the top screw portion with Cap for the new inflate/deflate screw valve that Cabrinha now uses on their kites (2014 and newer).  This product does NOT include the base or Stick-on patch. This will NOT WORK in the old Airlock 1 valve base (Cabrinha Airlock with old-style cap, pre-2014), but WILL WORK on 2014 and newer Cabrinha Airlock 2 valves and Slingshot Complete valves.

The cap itself now has a convenient built-in pump adapter which will hook straight up to any standard pump.  This built in adapter eliminates the need for the historically used separate pump adapter piece that used to dangle from kites and was regularly was lost.


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