Switch Boston Inflate/Deflate Valve 2015+

New Switch Boston Inflate/Deflate Valve 2015+

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Price incl. VAT, plus delivery Self-Stick-Valves will stick on all bladders. Simply peel and stick to make a fast and easy repair, or stick it on any new bladder. Specially formulated adhesive is incredibly durable and will stick on any bladder material or color. introduces the Premium Brand series of replacement valves. The Switch Boston (Screw) Self-Stick valve is the OEM valve on Switch kites 2015 and newer.

The "Add Velcro" option is for us to adhere velcro to the top of the of the valve. This part of the valve goes on the inside of the kite casing, and the purpose is to help the bladder not twist when tightening the screw-cap. The velcro is optional becaues you can still tighten it and hold valve in place without velcro, but the velcro is an added convenience that makes it like the original valve.



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