Oil Filter FH-5 Kitaco (15410-KF0-315)

Oil Filter FH-5 Kitaco (15410-KF0-315)

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Kitaco oil filter FH-5
for Honda XLR250R, FTR250, XLX250R, CBX250S, CBX125S, NX650, TLR250R, XR600
for Kawasaki KLX / KSR 110
connection diameter: 12 mm, outside diameter: 50 mm, height: 37 mm
Equal to the following spare parts Honda
15410-KF0-315 - 15412-KF0-035 - 15412-KF0-315
15412-KL3-670 - 15412-KF0-020 - 15412-KF0-010
Kitaco item 390-1000050

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