Honda MSX125 GROM

Honda MSX125 GROM

Honda MSX125 GROM

Specific products for Honda MSX 125 (GROM)
the modern excellence in pit bikes

Kitaco makes numerous accessories, processing, personalization
for this bike, the best selling in the East

See here all Kitaco parts for MSX 125:
in about twenty days we provide everything you see

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Honda MSX125 Kitaco 181cc Light Big Bore Kit

850.00 *
retail price 940.00 €

can be shipped within 25 days

KITACO i-MAP USB interface

79.00 *
In stock

KITACO iMap HONDA MSX125 GROM FI Controller 763-1432100

169.00 *
retail price 200.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 20 days
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