Art tailoring

Art tailoring


MODE ITALY ASPESI is a handmade tailor made in italy specialized in ballroom dresses and wedding dresses

The Aspesi atelier is made of artists who create clothing tailored to body and personality, using artisan trades, unique high fashion pieces, completely designed, manufactured and made in Italy; A small laboratory where the machines do not go into the sensibility of the hand and the eye.

“The artist is an exception: his leisure is a job, and his job is a rest, both elegant and overlooked,Wearing a peasant blush for choice and imposing the frac worn by fashionable man. He does not undergo the laws, he said.

Honoré de Balzac

The key point of the tailoring is the abandonment of the trends, putting second place the fashion to create exclusive ballroom dresses and wedding dresses designed for a single person, incorporating into the idea everything the aficionado wants to reveal of himself. Here, the customer and the tailor become artists and muses together to create artwork at hoc, using the vastness of the choice of fabrics (understood as plots and warps) and tones. This combination of parts will lead to the creation of a ballroom dress or bridal dress that will not find any copy.

Often, elegance is confused with superficiality, fashion, and some lack of interiority. This is a serious mistake: the human being needs elegance both in actions and in posture, because this word is synonymous with good taste, amiability, balance and harmony.

Paulo Coelho

The available fabrics are chosen among the best Italian and European suppliers, with a continuous research and semi-annual study of textile novelties. Starting from the personal request and the possibility of having a workshop at your fingertips, the Atelier Aspesi gives at the client the opportunity to touch the tissues with their hands, sensing on the skin the differences that it can make of itself depending on the workmanship Which treats it: freshness, luster, softness or fall, tension, elasticity, weight, design, ...

Whoever works with his hands is a worker. Who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. Who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.

San Francesco D’Assisi

Chose the fabric, took the measures and realized the design, the craftsman came in, who with the wise mastery of the sartorial arts, follows with a look what the mind is creating, taking the right time of concentration and peace to give birth to a pattern, made only by hand that takes into account the type of fabric, the expected cuts and the adaptation of the design to the body. Sharp and precise scissors will make the fabric of the geometries that will then join harmoniously wire with wire and once everything is assembled and finished patiently, it will not only be a dress, but our dress (ballroom dress or wedding dress).

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art

Oscar Wilde

Mode Italy Aspesi has as its only production and directional venue the small atelier located in San Macario di Ferno. An intimate and private environment where we make ballroom dresses and  wedding dresses tailored, working privately, with only one customer at a time and only by appointment, to pamper our customers with a chat or a coffee, closing out the world And to be able to find for a moment some time for themselves.