Shipping and returns

Shipping and returns

Mode Italy Aspesi will supply the buyer with the address indicated in the field of the dispatch data of the order form or in the e-mail with the required items, the selected products, ordered in the manner prescribed, by the courier service Offered by Bartolini.

Each shipment contains:

  • Invoice or Shipping Document.
  • Ordinary merchandise.

The carrier used does not make pre-emptive calls or handle requests for shipment at special times.

Indicatively, without any constraint on Mode Italy Aspesi. And without the availability of the products as well as any causes of force majeure, the goods will be delivered to the carrier within 48 hours from receipt of the order (if marked) or payment (Wire, PayPal). We also remind that "Bartolini" carries out the delivery and delivery of the products only on weekdays. Mode Italy Aspesi can not be held liable for any delays in delivery, loss or damage of the products by Corriere "Bartolini" and any complaints will be raised to the carrier itself.

Any storage charges will be borne by the customer.

Mode Italy Aspesi fulfills its obligation to deliver, therefore, returns the ordered goods to Bartolini for shipment within the terms of these terms. In this regard, the transport document and the bill of lading signed by Bartolini are valid.

WARNING: The goods are at the risk of the recipient and will only be insured upon express request of the customer who will bear the costs. The merchandise will, in any case, be secured even in the absence of a customer's request and charges will be added to the normal shipping costs.

The insured goods must be withdrawn by signing the courier delivery note with the words "ACCEPTED WITH CHECK VALUE" in the absence of which the courier DOES NOT RECOGNIZE, IN ANY CASE, any refunds for damage caused by insured goods. Under the law (Article 1510 c.c.) The seller is not responsible for the carriage, the goods travel at the expense and risk of the buyer who is able to insure the goods according to our offers.

No liability can be attributed to the Seller for any damage, delay or failure to deliver attributable to causes of force majeure or fortuitous case or for Bartolini or the fact of the buyer. In such cases, the buyer expressly undertakes not to make any claims for restitution and / or compensation towards Mode Italia Aspesi.

When delivering the goods, the customer must verify the integrity of the packages and the quantitative and qualitative correspondence as indicated in the accompanying document. In the event of visible or untimely packaging or tampering the customer MUST refuse the goods, the same must be reported on the same escort document and confirmed within seven days by fax or by registered mail to Mode Italy Aspesi, in case of suspected damage The customer must request the signature of the property integrity check signature upon delivery. In the event that the Customer verifies that after the delivery the damage of the goods the same must provide in Italy Italy Aspesi photos of the protective cover to bear witness to the status of the packaging at the time of delivery and then accepted intact and send within two days the signaling Of the anomaly by registered mail AR, any insurance and / or redemption from Mode Italy Aspesi is declined in cases where the Customer fails to provide the necessary evidence to ascertain the condition of the pack or if it has been dropped. Even if the package is intact, the goods must be checked within seven days of receipt. Any abnormalities or manufacturing defects must be reported in writing by fax or by registered mail. Any report beyond these terms will not be taken into consideration. For each statement, the customer assumes full responsibility for what is stated. Mode Italy Waiting for you where you ship goods with insurance, guarantees the reimbursement of the value of the good or the repayment of one of the same features, only in case of loss or theft.

Mode Italy Aspesi remains totally alien to the relationships that may be privately between the buyer and the carrier. Once signed by Bartolini's document, the buyer will not be able to challenge any of the external features of the delivery.