Who we are

Who we are
Who we are

Mode Italy Aspesi is a fashion house specialized in ballroom dresses and wedding dresses, born in 1961 by an idea of โ€‹โ€‹Aspesi sisters: Regina (1920-1980) and Dorotea (1919-2005) who after many years of experience in Lugano In big fashion houses, and have taught in some of the most famous cutting schools, they invest their energies in the new project: to put in, put the Italian tailoring into a company in order to produce unique and high fashion clothes.

From now on the match was great especially in the bridal sector, where the sisters specialize in increasing their workforce and increasing their culture and art baggage.

In 1985 he became a new owner, Zocchi Maria Luigia (1951), daughter of Dorotea, who makes the company a unique identity developed to date, founded not only on the final product but also on respect for the person.

Thanks to the knowledge in the world of dance, in 1995 Zocchi Maria Luigia and her daughter V.D.  debut with ballroom dresses, thanks of their proximity to the sport and their particular affinity with athletes "bodymasters" are quickly found a personal and innovative look to this world of colors and shimmering, they bring la maison to a level Higher and worldly knowledge.

The brand is also welcomed in the skating world, followed by Denis (1979), the youngest of the daughters of Maria Luigia, who applies her artistic knowledge (diploma in high school, diploma in the Academy of Fine Arts, costume and scenography, diploma In modeling) in clothes that become real artwork, dressing the greatest Italian champions.

The management acquires a dynamic, innovative breath and in keeping with the times.

And in 2013 a new project is put in the fashion house near Malpensa: a combination of artistic, television and publishing, symbols of life Denis philosophy, creates commitment in the fantasy world recreating costumes for entertainment, cosplay, theater with support of very good makeup makers, hairdressers, photographers and great collaborators.

The world of the Atelier Aspesi has always been around a perfect balance between the values โ€‹โ€‹of tradition and those of imagination: attention to the quality and care of detail, but also continuous research of materials, territories and directions. Innovation and Tradition, Mode Italy Aspesi is a vision that crosses history and the present with the same casual elegance, to create unexpected connections between seemingly distant universes.

The Aspesi World is a perfect synthesis between the elegance of Made in Italy and the seduction of the arts.

Since 1961 we are a brush that creates art on you ...
Dance dresses and wedding dresses are truly masterpieces of art.