Right of withdrawal

Right of  withdrawal under article 5 of Legislative Decree no. 206/05 (Consumer Code) for the protection of consumers, regulating distance contracts.
The customer has the   right to withdraw ,  if the product   does not meet   thei demands ,  without penalty and   without specifying   the reason, within   and not   later than ten days   ( 14)  of the date   of   receipt of goods .
To exercise the right   of withdrawal, the   customer   must send   a registered letter   with return receipt   to   " Mondo in Miniatura Modellismo Scenico di Crisanti Piero Via S.Maria inammuccia   n°10 Todi 06059 (PG)"  a notice of termination   specifying   the description   and quantity of products   you intend to return .

This communication can   be anticipated   by email   at the address   mondiinminiatura.it ,  provided confirmed by   registered mail   within   48h .
Our   customer service department will   re-contact   the buyer   as soon as  possible,  advising   on the   most suitable mode   for the return   ( in this case  the shipping costs   are the responsibility   of the Customer ,  in accordance with   Legislative Decree no.   185/99 , which provides that  the   consumer has the   right to   withdraw without penalty   and   that the only charge   against him are   those relating to the   return of the product ).
The   return of the goods ,  in a suitable   packaging   that   protects   the integrity of the content ,  must be   made to the address   above no later   than ten   days after receipt .  Since   shipping costs  are  entirely borne by the   customer ,  the choice   of the means   to be used   will be   at your discretion .
As soon as we   receive   the package with   the return ,  it will be our care to   verify   the integrity   of the purchased item ,  which must be   complete with   all   original parts   ( including any documentation and  accessories ):  in the case of   items   damaged or tampered , we may not  arrange   to refund the amount   paid for the purchase   of products.   ( The  integrity of the property   returned is   an essential condition   for the exercise   of the right   of withdrawal ).
Once evaluated   the   integrity of the goods,   we will refund   the amount paid   within   48 hours   by bank transfer   or money order .